Subjective reflexion: the person, which i’m seeing in the mirror, is not the one, whom the others see. walking between the texts(-to-speech). generating the new meaning during this eternal walk. the walk is generating itself(11.11.2020)

The useful information, derived from the text, is not related to the text’s meaning. text has its own energy and rhythm. text’s rhythm can move something (motor?). what is the meaningful information, derived from the text? interaction chain : text drives the motor, motor makes the surface vibrate, contact mic receives the vibration, another algorithm transforms it into the music , music is played through the exciter, exciter drives something else? (26.11.2020)

Motor and the string instrument. the body is resonating to the text rhythmic pattern. is it a doctor, who examines a patient on the subject of life? (breathing == resonance?) the body is not big enough. (07.12.2020)

Where are the sentences? „living“ (constantly changing) text makes NLP algorithm confused. the static reference to the same sentence turned never to be the same text. the sentiment analysis of the text varies dynamically. the text is „understood“ by an algorithm as a one to be more negative, than it was some minutes ago. (22.12.2020)

Live interaction vs observing the autonomous mechanism. (07.01.2021)

The length of the words (strings). the word „self“ as a noun and another popular (frequent) nouns as shaping the mood sources to the meditative algorithmic pattern. (07.01.2021)