Creation of the score

One experiment I want to conduct that relates to the double bass and the intervals is to create an electronic piece that uses the same pitches, but going up to much higher harmonics. This will allow two things: 1) an expanded possibility of pitches, and 2) precision of tuning and steadiness of tone that is not achievable by a performer, or by the instrument itself.

I wrote a score, as if it would be performed by agents in a performance, and used this as the basis for the electronics, with some randomization for time changes.

I fed the result into a max patch that used physical modeling, so that the sound was reminiscent of a string, but not exactly a string. I generated then sound, cycling through the entire canon, and then I added other layers of this canon at different speeds. I tried to avoid any semblance of directional form, so that the experience felt more like a snapshot within a larger framework than that of a complete piece.