radio art's birthday

On 17.01.2021 inside the international radio art festival “art’s birthday” hosted by esc medien kunst labor in collaboration with Radio Helsinki we presented the result of our first project iteration. Collaboration across distance during the lockdown resulted in an interative sound-collage, a remix of remixes where we all contributed, added and edited into the final result. The resulting piece #unSELFed is available for listening here on our website.

virtual space

During the coming months we focus on building an virtual space that will host our final exhibition. We are using Mozilla Hubs as framework and explore possibilities to focus the visitors’ experience on sound in interaction with vision.


the exhibition is online and can be visited at:



“Open Feedback Loop” is a series of talks and workshops happening as part of the project “autonomous systems” run by We present and discuss works, tools, practices and thoughts that question autonomy, systemic and eco-systemic theory and interdependence, including contributions from different fields such as sound art, digital art, game design and performative art. The series is free and open to the public and offers an open space for inspiration for everyone interested in this field. All events are held online exclusively via „big blue button“, entry link is sent upon request. Info and registration:



# OFL 3 – 13. July 2021, 19-20.00h

Marta Zapparoli – “Aesthetics of Radiowaves”

In her talk, sound and radio artist Marta Zapparoli will talk about her work using radio technologies, self-built antennas as musical instruments, and the aesthetics of atmospheric noise.

Marta Zapparoli is an Italian-born sound artist currently living in Berlin.



# OFL 2 – 03. July 2021, 20.00-22.00h

Damjan Jovanovic – „Games and Worldmaking“

As a part of the “Open Feedback Loop” series, the talk by Damjan Jovanovic will present a number of his ongoing projects that explore themes such as personhood, ecology and artificial intelligence, and how their entanglement with simulations and video games brings about new ways of worldmaking.

Damjan is an architect, educator and software designer. He works as a Full-Time faculty at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. Damjan’s work centers on the development of experimental software, and his interests lie in investigating the culture and aesthetics of software platforms, as well as questions of contemporary design education, authorship and creativity.   


# OFL 1 – 14. May 2021, 17-19h

Dario Sanfilippo –  Constructing realities

The talk presents the most recent outcomes of the author‘s research on musical complex adaptive systems (CASes). The first part focuses on the concepts of adaptation and complexity within the framework of CASes and suggests a clear identification of the term in the musical domain. This analysis involves a distinction of the notions of context and information between the engineering field of information theory and the philosophical one of radical constructivism. We will conclude this section by showing that, in this approach, information and context are mutually determining. Then, we will introduce distributed adaptation, a technique that is related to the notion of evolvability in biology and genetic algorithms and that has significantly increased the complexity and long-term variety in music systems during autonomous evolutions. This technique distributes adaptation across higher levels and allows the system to reorganize the relationships among its agents and their structure circularly while interpreting and constructing its context. To conclude, an autonomous live performance piece from 2019-2020, Constructing realities (homage to Heinz von Foerster), which implements the theories mentioned above, will be described showing DSP processes and techniques that relate to evolvability, autopoiesis, fitness, and complexity through agent-based modeling.


We are excited to present our project on 09. July 2021 as part of the program of the XCoAx conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X, which is happening from 6.-12. July online. Out presentation of the virtual and physical exhibition is on Tuesday 13. July, 16h.

exhibit ion /// AS IF THEY WERE FLOWERS

Our final presentation will be a virtual and physical exhibition in which all previous iterations and artefacts will melt together into a creative ecosystem including analog and digital media. The title is inspired by Richard Brautigan’s famous poem “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace”.


The physical exhibition takes place from 13.-16. July 2021 at Kunstraum Reagenz Graz.

13. July 2021 18h – soft opening with drinks & snacks, 19h Lecture Marta Zapparoli

14.-16. July –  exhibition open daily 11-13h // 16-19h