What is the barrier between object and agent?

Double bass not performed on, but enacted upon Where is the autonomy of the self, of the double bass? Create a system, a loop, a feedback, between the double bass, the agents, and some kind of exciter How does the exciter interact with the agents? Do they react to the sounds of this object?

I have been thinking also of including electronic sound in this work, and developing a sort of ecosystem between the double bass as object, the performers as agent, and the exciters as a sort of catalyst in the system.

The object is enacted on by the agent, and the exciters transform the resulting sound, modifying the experience. How does this affect the autonomie of the agents? Do they react to this sound?

The object appears to have no autonomie in the situation. (side note: interesting, the term “objectification” and how it relates to autonomie and agency)