In the last edition of our online talk series, Italian sound artist Marta Zapparoli will share her experiences as sound artist working with satellite signals and radiowaves. As we also experimented with making and modding physical antennas as part of a hybrid system, we are excited to hear her experiences!

The Inaudible is the hidden sonic reality which surrounds us in everyday life. During the lecture I will introduce the fascinating inaudible world of electromagnetic radiations from nature (VLF), and the opposite site of it; radio communication and electromagnetic fields (EMF)coming from electromagnetic pollution in cites. These waves are always present and mutable in place and time and they become the mirror of our society in constant change. I will talk about my experience during self – made recordings, and how I transform these electromagnetic radiations in different sonic forms through compositions, live performances, and site-specific sound interventions with the use of analog tape machines, radio receivers, detectors and antennas. I will discuss about the relation between magnetic matter and the inaudible in connection with our techno-society . We will dive between sound art, science, auto-transcendence, multiple sonic realities, and cosmic imagery.