On 14. May we had the first talk in our series “Open Feedback Loop”. Our guest was Dario Sanfilippo, presenting (live from Sicily!) his ideas about autonomous complex systems in sound. We talked about emergence, the edges of chaos – how many edges does it have? – about the role of the composer-creator as “gardener” of algorithms, and we did experiments and exercises in listening together. Here are some collected thoughts that came up during the lecture:

each system is influenced by observation ////

 Alvin Lucier: ” we have these systems, but often we don’t know what to put into them” 

balance of control and freedom ***

interaction: reinforcement vs destruction / obstruction

what is the autopoiesis of the listener?

 is the context part of a system or is it the outside?

 when does chaos become chaos in contrast to complexity?

 LISTENING: https://soundcloud.com/dario-sanfilippo/constructing-realities-2019-2020

how does my own inner timing correlate / adapt to the timing of the music?      listening from the computer challenges my patience to keep long durations of silence without doing anything else... I imagine that in a concert situation I would concentrate in a different way /// i agree with the person above. also adding, the function sounds complex to me as a non-mathematician, but the music sounds more simple. I would not expect this to be the sounding result of the impulse and eventual decay    ///  how do our mutual reactions influence our listening? it seems we are creating a feedback system as well...